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This site, which was made to make absolute sure that good Musics and Videos in Africa and The World at large are promoted to the highest level. As a result of popular users demand, we fetch mp3 and mp4 files from popular Musics and Videos hosting sites.
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Latest Musics (Mp3)
Mr. 2Kay - In The Morning (Dance Mix)
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (5.13 MB)
Ko-Jo Cue - Wole
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (6.02 MB)
Kid Konnect - Hammer ft Moti Cakes, Base One
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (3.58 MB)
Geniuzz - Firewood (Remix) ft Falz
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (5.10 MB)
The Pandan Wangi - Tua Bahagia
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (2.54 MB)
Sherry Ibrahim - Seikhlas Cinta
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (3.62 MB)
Daily Ahmad - Adinda Isteriku
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (2.66 MB)
A-Kid - Apa Lagi Kita Mau ft K-Main, Klash
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (4.26 MB)
Toko Kilat - Pemacu Api
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (3.15 MB)
Sabina Karina - Over The Rainbow
Downloads (0) Mp3 Music» (3.01 MB)
Latest Videos (Mp4)
Peter Clarke - ORDINARY GUYS ft Skales
Downloads (0) Video Mp4» (14.24 MB)
Caze – “Lagos City”
Downloads (0) Video Mp4» (19.66 MB)
Erigga ft. King Perry – “Coporate
Downloads (0) Video Mp4» (13.05 MB)
Yemi Alade - Sugar n Spice
Downloads (0) Video Mp4» (18.31 MB)
Downloads (0) Video Mp4» (17.67 MB)
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