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A List Of Best Whois Sites Used By Wapmasters

[AFRIC] Jaybliss On 24 Oct 2016
Have you checked your sites Whois information to know more about your domain name details and some other added useful services. For example it's keyword rankings and others? If no, I urge you to do so as Whois sites am about to list here today could go a long way to improving or contributing to your Wapka site's Offsite Seo to a great extent.

By the way, just before i continue, as some of us would be asking "what is whois" in our various minds, permit me to use this oppurtunity to introduce to you the full meaning of whois.
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WHOIS as we know today was coined from the words WHO IS meaning who is the domain name owner and also what the website or wapsite is all about. According to Wikipedia, "Whois (pronounced as the phrase
who is) is a query and response
protocol that is widely used for querying databases that store the registered users or assignees of an
Internet resource, such as a domain name , an IP address block, or an
autonomous system, but is also used for a wider range of other information
", Click HERE for more details.

Now that we have introduced Whois and what it implies, let us begin the main topic of today which is A list of Best Whois sites that webmasters and wapmasters use.
This list was actually compiled by me and not any other authority. The bases upon which this list was compiled is based on features of the site offering the Whois services like: Backlink to the reviewed site, A comprehensive Whois information and Someother useful (analytics) Information offered free of charge. Based on this three features and my many years of experience online, i have drawn out a list of sites which have met the criteria i have given above. In no particular other, am going to be dishing out the sites one after the other.

1. Accessify

2. Sbup


4. Seomastering

5. Iwebchk

6. Metricskey

7. Ismysiteindexed

8. Repdigger

9. etc.

They are all good. for example, sites like does not directly provide whois services, but it goes to a reasonable extent to submiting your site address to many other site offering whois services. So also helping to enrich your site seo.
Among the sites i listed above, though they are all good. But i normally or frequently uses the web.horde to check my site's other site's info without missing an item.

That is Whois for you.
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